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Stトリップ 通常 normal l

Stトリップ 通常シャツ smile l

Stトリップ 過去 normal l

Kanji トリップ
Rōmaji Torippu
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Birthday May 3[1]
Zodiac Sign Taurus[1]
Height 185 cm (6'1")[1]
Blood Type B[1]
AllMate Welter
Occupation Midorijima Yakuza
Team Morphine
Status Alive
Voice Actors
Japanese Tomoyuki Higuchi
First Appearance
Anime Data 01: Login

Bye bye!

Trip (トリップ Torippu) is one of the supporting characters in DRAMAtical Murder.


Trip is more built than Virus, more muscular and slightly taller. Trip's original hair color used to be dark red, but he dyed it blonde to match Virus. His eyes are bright blue and he wears a pair of earrings that match the ones Virus wears. His clothing consist of a plaid vest and pants with a white collared shirt underneath, a black tie, a white belt, black suspenders, and white boots.

Trip's appearance in Re:connect consists of a thick navy hoodie with studs on it. He wears an over-sized pink and purple gradient vest with the right side of the vest tattered, as well as several pins decorating the right side, including a giant eyeball with pigtails. His hair is also not as spiked up anymore.



Trip first meet's Virus at Toue's, where Virus has been staying in long before Trip. Trip felt like following Virus as he thought everyone else was annoying, as he would try to hit anyone that tried to talk to him, where he didn't care about breaking people near him, making him feel like a beast in a cage. Though Virus was different from everyone as he thinks Virus looks pure white from everyone else that looked like puddles of mud. Trip felt like a dog when he has found his master, only Virus isn't much of a master to him. 

Virus and Trip knew everything about Aoba since way back the timeline of the game. They weren't sure at first whether the Aoba they are looking for is really the one in front of them so they watched him for some time. Two years before the timeline of the game, Aoba went into Rhyme and used his SCRAP on his opponent. Virus and Trip found out about it and erased his memories, keeping Aoba a secret from Toue because they wanted to keep him for themselves. Virus and Trip remained as Aoba's friends.


Bad Ending

Trip' ending is connected to Ren's ending. It is unlocked after completing the main four (Noiz , Koujaku , Mink and Clear).

While wandering through what seems to be a research laboratory inside Oval Tower, Aoba enters a room where he suddenly hears a voice - the same voice from his dream once. Suddenly, he is faced by several other people, which turn out to be members of Morphine, together with Virus and Trip. After revealing the truth about their connection to Morphine, Virus orders the team to beat Aoba up just enough to keep him alive. The latter resists and tries using his power, Scrap, on them, but ultimately fails as Virus and Trip have already prepared for that to happen. No longer able to fight back, Aoba lies unconscious and wonders if this will be the end for him.

After a while, he awakes in an unfamiliar room, on a bed with Trip gently caressing him. Virus explains that they intend to keep Aoba for themselves instead of handing him over to Toue, since they dearly love him. Much to Aoba's anger, he is again knocked unconscious.

Six months pass, with Aoba still being held as personal slave, seemingly with a completely broken mind, leaving him in a submissive state. Virus expresses his joy when Aoba is submitting to their touch and does not resist. They believe that they do not need any more chains or collars for Aoba unlike before, where he usually struggled and fought back to regain his freedom. The two of them then proceed to use his body to sate their lust. At the end of the scene, Aoba desperately cries as he again starts to wonder when can he will be able to leave this place.



Trip considers Virus a really honest person and believes he will never lie to him, though he does not see Virus as a friend, family, or lover. The two stay together because they do not hate each other.


  • Trip is right handed.
  • Trip is 6 years younger than Virus.



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