Ruff Rabbit
Leader Noiz
Type Rhyme Team
Notable Color Green
Status Active

Ruff Rabbit is a Rhyme team led by Noiz.[1]



Ruff Rabit gang sign.

Ruff Rabbit it's the only team within the game, both original and re:connect, so far to have a confirmed gang sign, which is pictured below. It is formed by imitating bunny ears on the hand with the index and pinky finger pointed up with the remaining open fingertips slightly touching together to form the snout of a rabbit.

Ruff Rabbit is suggested to be primarily an information-broking group, as Noiz says that he earns money by selling information that he gathers, though it is also said that Rhyme teams are very informal and not as tight-knit as Ribsteez, due to the fact that Rhyme games are played as individuals.[citation needed]


  • Ruff Rabbit have a notable and bitter rivalry with Benishigure, so much so that they actually engage in a physical brawl.
  • Ruff Rabbit is the Mujima's district Rhyme team.

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