Rasterize Memory
Release Date September 24, 2014
Track Number 10
Number of Discs 2 Discs
Running Time 30:08
Type Soundtrack + DVD

Rasterize Memory is an original anime soundtrack for the DRAMAtical Murder animation containing the ending songs for each character.

The first version (blue cover) contains 2 discs: one with the five songs and one with the five ending sequences from each character in the anime, cleaned. The second version (pink cover) contains 1 disc which has the five songs from the ending sequences of the anime.

Description Edit

原作PCゲーム『DRAMAtical Murder』にて、各キャラクターのエンディングソングを担当したアーティストがアニメのエンディングソングも担当![1]

Each artist in charge of each character's ending song in the original PC game DRAMAtical Murder returns to make a new ending song for each character in the anime!

Track List Edit

Disc 1 (CD) Edit

# Song Title Artist Length
01 BY MY SIDE Itou Kanako 4:59
02 felt Seizi Kimura 4:12
03 Soul Grace VERTUEUX 4:54
04 Lullaby Blue Itou Kanako 4:06
05 天使達 GOATBED 3:48

Total runtime: 21:59[2].

Disc 2 (DVD) Edit

# Song Title Artist Length
01 BY MY SIDE Itou Kanako 1:37
02 felt Seizi Kimura 1:37
03 Soul Grace VERTUEUX 1:37
04 Lullaby Blue Itou Kanako 1:37
05 天使達 GOATBED 1:41

Total runtime: 8:09[2].


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