Leader Virus and Trip[1]
Type Rib Team[1]
Notable Color Pink and Grey
Known Members Mizuki (Temporarily)[1]
Status Varies by Game Ending
Inactive (Anime)

Morphine is a Rib team. Its leaders are Virus and Trip.[1]


Morphine is one of the strongest and feared legendary teams against Rib. Their strength is to be said a mystery.

Around the end of the Common Route of DRAMAtical Murder, it is revealed that Morphine is led by Virus and Trip and performs a kind of brainwashing on their members to make them obey.

Virus describes Morphine as an "elite force prepared for manipulating human nature."



  • The combination inscribed on the teams' tag (C17 H19 N O3) is actually the chemical formula that forms Morphine; 17 Carbon, 19 Hydrogen, 1 Nitrogen, and 3 Oxygen.[2]
  • Morphine's tag uses the exact same cross used in the Silent Oath logo.


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