Leader Virus and Trip[1]
Type Rib Team[1]
Notable Color Pink and Grey
Known Members Mizuki (Temporarily)[1]
Status Varies by Game Ending
Inactive (Anime)

Morphine is a Rib team. Its leaders are Virus and Trip.[1]



Virus and Trip, Morphine's leaders.

Morphine is one of the strongest and feared legendary teams against Rib. Their strength is to be said a mystery, along with the mysterious disappearance of the entire team years before the game began.

Around the end of the Common Route of DRAMAtical Murder, it is revealed that Morphine is led by Virus and Trip and performs a kind of brainwashing on their members to make them obey.

Virus describes Morphine as an "elite force prepared for manipulating human nature."


  • The combination inscribed on the teams' tag (C17 H19 N O3) is actually the chemical formula that forms Morphine; 17 Carbon, 19 Hydrogen, 1 Nitrogen, and 3 Oxygen.[2]
  • Morphine's tag uses the exact same cross used in the Silent Oath logo.

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