Kio Kuniyashi

Buキオ 通常 normal


Kanji 国芳 キオ
Rōmaji Kuniyashi Kio[1]
Other Name(s) None
Age 6
Gender Male
Birthday October 11
Zodiac Sign Libra
Height 140 cm (4'6")
Status Alive
Voice Actors
Japanese Dani
English Kalin Coates
First Appearance
Anime Data 01: Login

"You better take care of him then, Aoba's a real idiot!

—Kio to Noiz

Kio Kuniyashi (国芳 キオ Kuniyashi Kio) is a supporting character in DRAMAtical Murder. He is the brother of Mio and Nao.


Kio is rarely seen without his hat on and always sports green goggles and a bandage on his right cheek. He wears a light green and white sweater that's cut off below his chest to reveal a green striped shirt. To stay consistent with the rest of his color scheme, his pants are also the same type of green shades as his undershirt. Kio is never seen with his eyes fully open, as they are always pulled into a cheerful squint. However, when they're open, they are the same color pink as his siblings. His outfit resembles to a frog.


Kio, like Nao, is cheerful and mischievous but has a more laid-back demeanor. He is usually the first to talk back to adults and question them numerous times.


Common Route

Nao first appears in the common route as a boy who plays with his siblings and loves to annoy Aoba and Haga at the Junk Shop Heibon. He reoccurs frequently throughout the common route.

Noiz's Route

At the end of Noiz's good end, Kio and his siblings will show up one last time to visit Aoba and Haga, and eventually meet with Noiz again. When Kio learns that Noiz was planning to take Aoba with him to Germany, he says to Noiz that he better take care of him because Aoba was a real idiot.


Nao and Mio

Nao and Mio are Kio's siblings and are always seen together.


Kio often joins his siblings annoying Haga and chasing his AllMate Bonjin-Kun around the shop, but like Nao, does not know better than to call him "baldy" and get on his bad side. Haga mentions to Aoba that if they weren't so wild they would be considered cute.

Aoba Seragaki

Aoba refers to him and his siblings as "brats" and states that while they annoy him to no end, he of course doesn't hate them. Despite him being less than thrilled about him and his siblings, he still expresses concern over them in his thoughts in Ren's route while thinking about how everyone is doing in the district.


  1. Nao, Mio and Kio's last name is mentioned on Ren's CD drama.