Haruka Seragaki
Kanji 瀬良垣 ハルカ
Rōmaji Seragaki Haruka
Status Alive[1]
Voice Actors
Japanese Emi Motoi
First Appearance
Anime N/A

Haruka Seragaki (瀬良垣 ハルカ Seragaki Haruka) is the adoptive daughter of Tae Seragaki, wife of Naine Seragaki and the adoptive mother of Aoba Seragaki.


Haruka had abusive parents and therefore a troublesome childhood. She was taken in by Tae and brought to the island.

She met Naine in Midorijima, who had only stumbled there due to his knack of travelling, and fell in love with him. Haruka knew Naine would not stay in Midorijima, so eventually Haruka was forced to leave the island with him. The latter was resolved in leaving with Naine and Tae approved when she saw the great potential in him. After some time the couple returned to Midorijima with Aoba, until one day they never returned.


Haruka has a white skin tone and knee length, light pink hair that she wears in a high ponytail tied with a yellow ribbon. She has light lavender eyes. She wears a short, flowy tube top and faded blue shorts that are ruffled at the ends. She wears the same style jacket that Nain wears but only reaches to her chest and is left open at the front. She also wears a white bangle and thigh high stockings.



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