Kanji 羽賀
Rōmaji Haga
Other Name(s) Baldy (by Kio, Mio and Nao)
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Birthday February 25
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Height 177 cm
Blood Type O
AllMate Bonjin-Kun
Occupation Owner of Junk Shop Heibon
Status Alive
Theme Song(s) Nonce
Voice Actors
Japanese Eiichiro Tokumoto
First Appearance
Anime Data 01: Login

Haga (羽賀) is the owner of Junk Shop Heibon. Haga's AllMate is Bonjin-Kun, an AllMate that looks like a robot.



Haga's inner side

Haga is a kind and understanding man. He is very considerate of Aoba. Haga is well-versed in technology, this is shown when he gives Aoba a modified stun gun that was able to knock a guard unconscious. Despite Haga's humble demeanor, he can become very intimidating when called a "baldy".


Haga wears a cream color long sleeve shirt with the logo of his shop that is slightly covered by his light blue overall. Haga wears his overalls with a large black belt holding a large colorful fanny pack. Haga wears white gloves, black thick glasses, and a hat with his shops logo.

Common Route

(under construction)



  • Haga is right handed
  • Haga blood-type is O
  • Haga's star sign is Pieces


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