DramaCD is a special Audio CD, telling what happened after the end of re:connect depending on which character you choose at game ending. Each DramaCD have special story with the main characters,Aoba, Koujaku, Noiz, Mink, Clear and Ren. Recently Nitro+CHiRal rreleased a special CD with the ending themes of the DramaCD's. Special DramaCDs have been released to commemorate re:connect and re:code being then A Christmas with Aoba and Welcome to Cyan Moon Cafe.

DramaCD List

# DramaCD
01 DRAMAtical Murder DramaCD Vol.1 Koujaku X Aoba
02 DRAMAtical Murder DramaCD Vol.2 Clear X Aoba
03 DRAMAtical Murder DramaCD Vol.3 Mink X Aoba
04 DRAMAtical Murder DramaCD Vol.4 Noiz X Aoba
05 DRAMAtical Murder DramaCD Vol.5 Ren X Aoba
Special1 DRAMAtical Murder DramaCD A Christmas with Aoba
Special2 DRAMAtical Murder DramaCD Welcome to Cyan Moon Cafe


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