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Data 06: Revelation
English Data 06: Revelation
Release August 10, 2014
Running Time 24:25 Minutes
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Data 06: Revelation is the sixth episode of the DRAMAtical Murder animation. It first aired in Japan on August 10, 2014.


As Mizuki breaks down, Aoba is pulled into a Rhyme Field and meets Toue. Toue addresses the baffled Aoba with familiarity, and encourages him to discover who he truly is before disappearing. Aoba awakens in the real world, but quickly collapses after spotting an unconscious Mizuki.

At Oval Tower, Takahashi reports to Toue about the data they received on Aoba's powers, and that he had sent the police to apprehend him. Later that night at their house, Tae informs Aoba that Mizuki and the rest of Dry Juice were taken to a hospital, but all of them are in a comatose state. She explains that Mizuki was being controlled by Morphine, who works for Toue, and how she was once a neuroplasticity researcher for Toue's labs twenty years ago. Tae quit once she learned that her research was being abused for Toue's brainwashing experiments, but upon her recent refusal to come back to the research labs, Toue used Mizuki to force her to cooperate. She concludes that Toue desires to brainwash all of the citizens on the island and sell his research to other countries.  

After sending Koujaku and the others home, she tells Aoba that he possesses an ability called Scrap that allows him to put his consciousness into the minds of others with his voice, and depending how he uses it, he can control or destroy them like he did with Mizuki's consciousness. Their discussion is cut short when Virus calls Aoba and warns that police are coming to arrest him. Aoba and Koujaku, who is confronting Mink about his intentions for Aoba, then receive an invitation to Platinum Jail. Resolved, Aoba tells Koujaku that he's going to Platinum Jail to stop Toue. Aoba flees his house when the police arrives, prompting Koujaku and the others to begin their search for him. 

Important Events

  • This episode concludes the common route of the visual novel.

Difference between visual novel and anime

Visual Novel Anime

- Virus calls Aoba in the morning the police arrived to his home.

- Aoba escapes through the back door of his home.[1]

- Virus calls Aoba the night the police arrived to his home.

- Aoba escapes through his room's balcony.


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