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DRAMAtical Murder Anthology
Anthology Comics (Bs-LOG)
Kanji DRAMAtical Murder アンソロジー
Rōmaji Doramatikaru Mādā Ansorojī
English DRAMAtical Murder Anthology
Type Comic Collection
Volume First Volume
Author(s) Kamui Marimo, Keigetsu Ri, Asagi Hiroshi Ishida Sōshi, Guriko, Kyrie Ayame, Takemiya Satsuki, Nakamura Naoko
Illustrations Tsukudani (Cover)
Various Artists (See article)
Publisher B's LOG COMICS
Release Date 30 July, 2012

The DRAMAtical Murder Anthology (DRAMAtical Murder アンソロジー) by B's-LOG COMICS is an official comic book collection of comics based on the DRAMAtical Murder series. It was published in Japan on July 30, 2012.[1]

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