Kanji クララ
Rōmaji Kurara
Gender Female
Partner Yoshie
Apparent Species Maltese
Status Intact
Voice Actors
Japanese Aya Kuyama
First Appearance
Anime Data 01: Login
Were you going to leave without having him saying hello to me?

Clara (クララ Kurara) is Yoshie's AllMate.


Clara takes the form of a small dog that looks to be of a Maltese breed. She has very light brown fur that is groomed to near perfection along with thick eyelashes. It's implied Yoshie spoils her a ridiculous amount as Clara sports a light purple and white bow on her head along with, what looks like to be a very expensive, white a pearl collar.


Clara is noted by Ren for her straightforward and stubborn personality. She will often stop Aoba in his tracks just for a chance to see Ren and ask how he is doing. Yoshie finds her and Ren's "friendship" to be adorable while Aoba and Ren are often exhausted by the advances and turned off completely by them.


DRAMAtical Murder

Common Route

Clara makes her first appearance when Aoba stops by Yoshie's carrier service to deliver a package. As Aoba begins to leave to avoid being around Yoshie for too long, Clara stops him immediately, her tone freezing him in place. She asks if Ren is with him and seeing how she will not back down, Aoba reluctantly takes Ren out of his bag. This makes Clara happy as she wags her tail and greets Ren, Yoshie being overjoyed at the sight.

DRAMAtical Murder Re:Connect

Ren's Good End 2

In Re:Connect, the player can choose to start another story. This revolves around Aoba taking Ren (who is now in Sei's body) for a walk around the town and they happen to bump into Yoshie and Clara. Despite being human now, Ren is still obviously perturbed by her presence, especially when she asks to see Ren. After an awkward exchange, Clara observes Ren in his new body (unknowingly) and right as she may seemed to have figured out who he really is, Ren grabs Aoba and dashes off at full speed away from her, Clara running behind them with Yoshie also chasing after. Ren and Aoba hide in a nearby alleyway, getting away from both in time.



Yoshie and Clara seem to share a standard relationship between owner and allmate. Yoshie adores her, referring to her as "Clara-chan", and constantly praises her in front of Aoba, Clara being unfazed by most of it but looking prideful nontheless.


Clara seems to have a strong attachment to Ren as she always asks for him when Aoba drops by to deliver packages to Yoshie. It's implied to be a romantic interest, though it is not confirmed. Ren on the other hand dislikes her entirely. He states that while he doesn't hate Clara, he can't stand being around her for too long because her personality wears him out immensely and finds her to be unnecessarily confronting most of the time.