Leader Koujaku
Type Rib Team
Notable Color Red
Known Members Koujaku
Status Active

Benishigure is a Rib team led by Koujaku.[1]


Benishigure is a fairly small team and not a big competitor in Rib. Koujaku was aware that he was admired by quite a few men due to his countless victories in fights (and women), leading to Benishigure's formation. The popularity of Benishigure is pretty high thanks to Koujaku.

The members of Benishigure wear Japanese clothing without a hakama. They are known to help the elderly when it comes to carrying heavy luggage and helping missing children find their parents.[1]


  • Aoba thinks the members of Benishigure look evil. Despite their menacing demeanor, they are actually very friendly.
  • Benishigure have a bitter rivalry with Ruff Rabbit so much so that they actually engage in a physical brawl.
  • It is unknown if Benishigure and Ruff Rabbit remained rivals during the events following the destruction of Platinum Jail (in any of the character routes).

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