Kanji 悪島
Rōmaji Akushima
Gender Male
Birthday November 30[1]
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Height 176 cm (5'9")[1]
Blood Type B
Occupation Police Officer[2]
Status Alive
Voice Actors
Japanese Yasunori Masutani
English Mark Laskowski
First Appearance
Anime Data 01: Login

Akushima (悪島 Akushima) is one of the supporting characters of DRAMAtical Murder. He is known as the head of the corrupted Midorijima police, primarily in the Old Resident District, and is usually seen giving orders to other officers.[2]


Akushima has a very haggard appearance. His hair appears to be brown, but has a grayish tint to it, probably due to the stress of being a police officer and his unnecessary need to make a big deal over things easily. He seems to be of average build, Aoba mentioning that although he's thin, his large layers of clothes are probably what weigh him down the most. His cheeks are slightly sunken in, probably from lack of proper nutrition, and has noticeable bags under his eyes.[2]

Akushima's clothes consist of a white button-up shirt with a green tie. Over it he wears a large, light brown trench coat, black gloves and dark brown slacks.[2]

One of Akushima's notable traits is his habit of carrying around a large megaphone wherever he goes.[2] It later turns out the megaphone can also function as a dangerous weapon that fires large blasts which can destroy hard-plastered walls and even concrete.


Akushima has a very loud exterior, almost never lowering his voice and always yelling to get his point across. In addition, he has a habit of elongating his words for no apparent reason, much like Trip. He takes great pleasure in arresting people who participate in Rhyme or those he sees as terrorists in his eyes (i.e. Aoba and his friends). He enforces taking violent and drastic measures to capture criminals, usually not caring whether they are alive or dead.[2]

Trip and Virus seem to be familiar with Akushima and his police force due to being yakuza, hinting they have had past encounters.[citation needed]


DRAMAtical Murder

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  • Akushima is right handed.[citation needed]
  • Akushima's name, ironically enough, literally means "evil island".
  • After Toue's disappearance of the island, he was fired.[3]
  • Out of all the main characters, Akushima seems to take a liking to chasing down Mink the most since Scratch is made up from nothing but criminals. Mink seems to care less, however, often insulting Akushima to his face and groaning in annoyance when he shows up.


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