Shape Memory Music
Song Information
Composition GOATBED
Arrangement GOATBED
Single Information
Publisher Lantis
Seller Digiturbo
Release Date May 9, 2012
Album - - DRAMAtical Murder soundtrack
Length 4:02

AI CATCH is the main theme used in the opening of DRAMAtical Murder.

Lyrics & Translation

any flight OH mighty boy
AI CATCH the fall scanning blue
heaven is here the first and worst
don't look out fake out each other
3 2 1 GO

it does not may be where
whatever there to much how much so wrong
killing jo ke take my heart
when you feel a famous flavor to death

to be fun fun fun mirror world
baby burn burn burn stand by my sight
out of head inner word
maybe can rurn around high grade monkey
i know i know i none one day one die

in the heavy style and farewell
AI CATCH the fall scanning blue
closer form the last and lust
I'm such a card amazing
dancing bound full faces because are free play
would be like to trendy shining out ready go
please dis

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